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Top tips to help you sell your house

So, you are ready to sell your house but don’t know how and where to start with the whole process? Let our guide help you through this process and make it a whole lot easier than it seems. Follow these tip to sell your house the quicker and all the more efficiently:

1.) Choose a real good real estate agent

It’s not a must do, to have a real estate agent help you sell your home, but on the long run, it’s a definite help as it saves time, effort and keeps things in order. Also, an agent can serve you with tons of valuable advice and help you bring your home in such state that it gets all the easier to sell. Also, an agent can help with the organizing of open days and all the visits in your property and will be able to represent it to the viewers in a better way. So, how to find a good real estate broker? First look around at friends and relatives if they have anyone to offer. You can also check out real estate forums and local newspapers. Most importantly however meet with more agents and choose the one who you get along the best with. While there are people who work with multiple agencies in the same time, this can lead to confusions so I advise you to stick with one agency until it looks worth. If it’s not paying off, you can switch to someone else or take things in your own hand too.

2.) Make sure you go through all the fees of the agency

Feel free to haggle the fees. If the percentage they get if they sell your house is good enough, then make the rest of the fees as low as possible. This doesn’t mean you are cheap. It means you try not to lose money on the deal.

3.) Find the right price for your property

If your agent offers a price that’s lower than the average it’s already time to look for a new one then. The price, while it should be competitive it should be flexible to haggle therefore it should be the right amount when measured to the competency. Find out how much your property is worth by reading the real estate ads in your area. That will give you a pretty good idea as to how much your home is worth and how much you can get for it.

4.) Make sure you stay organized:

Organize a folder specifically for your home’s documents. This way you have everything in one place. These documents include: house papers, plans, maps, bills of all constructions made and warranties too.

5.) Make sure your home is clean and clear

Have your home cleaned and cleared from all sorts of clutter and unwanted things before starting with the visits. Move all unwanted things to a storage place.

6.) Leave it to the agent

Some home owners are all too desperate to sell their properties as fast as they can and this shows which gives place for haggling. Let the agent handle all the talks for you. If possible don’t even show up during open days.