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Top 10 deal breakers when planning to buy a property

Buying a property may seem like an easy project for those who have no experience in it. But, on the contrary if you want to make a good deal, this takes time, effort, some money and also to learn some of the key deal breakers which if appear all mean that you should just look for a different property in all. Let me represent you my list of top 10 deal breakers to make your home search all the safer and more effective. Please also make sure to do a proper home inspection because only they can find out about most of the details shared in here.

1.) The presence of asbestos

Buying an old home may look like a fairy tale which is coming true but the sad reality is that many homes, especially those build in the 70ies and 80ies may contain this cancer causing material especially in tiling, board sidings or used as a sealant in roofing. Make sure there is none used around insulations and other areas where it can get in the air.

2.) Radon levels

This is a rare gas that’s radioactive and can be present in homes in confined spaces such as basements, cellars or other spaces not used. Make sure there is no such gas anywhere in the home you are planning to buy.

3.) Make sure nothing is buried in the garden

This may sound weird and unfortunately it’s more gambling than not but older properties may have oil tanks buried in the garden area. This stands for homes built between the ‘30s and 90’s. If the tank was buried with all the cautions taken in this case then there is no issues but they can cause serious harm in the soil.

4.) Electronical system issues

Badly installed or mended electronical systems are very problematic especially when the wiring is exposed. If planning to buy an old home watch out for knob and tube systems as these must be replaced. The costs should come off the buying price.

5.) Black mold issues

If this is present buying of the home should be avoided altogether. It causes serious respiratory issues.

6.) Pests and bugs

If these are present they will cost a fortune to get rid of. Especially structure damaging species as termites. Do not buy a home without a termite warranty and other assurance that there are no species damaging the house.

7.) Flood area

Steer clear from houses which are located within a potential flood area. Even if there was no flood for a while it’s a very risky move to take and can result in the instant losing of your home if a catastrophe happens.

8.) Bad roofing

If there is anything not ok with the roofs, you should just forget about it. Renovating roofs costs a real fortune and literally the whole house depends on it. It’s too big a risk to take.

9.) Damp walls

If a house is generally damp it’s a condition very hard to get rid of. It can also cause health concerns.

10.) Bad neighborhood

They may be cheaper but if you see your potential neighbors will be problematic steer clear from buying the property.