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City or country living? Pros and cons of both

City vs. country debates are literally decades old. Many of us romantic beings dream of living in the countryside, especially in romantic periods such as the Christmas time. But there are some harsh realities to country living which will instantly make the fairy tale a horror tale. On the other hand there are many who swear on the city lifestyle, with all the facilities close by being perfect for those who are always on the go. Let’s see some interesting facts about both lifestyles this time around.

Most importantly, do not let these facts totally dissuade you. These are mainly served as help for you in deciding what to go for, or if you can stop in midway such as the suburbs which in real is a lifestyle on its own right.

City pollution does bad things for you: big cities are much polluted and no matter how windy or close to water it is, unfortunately it doesn’t change all that much.

Tip 1:

If you live in the city, try to steer clear from the downtown area. If the city is by the water, try to find a way to live close. This way you get some cleaner air too.

Seclusion has its price: because apart from all the activities we city people think they are all fun and games, apart from the daily hard work there isn’t too much to do in the countryside. Doctors are also generally living further away.

Tip 2:

If you move to the countryside, try to look for an area with a good community that’s not totally secluded and has some fun service providers a shorter drive away. Only move to secluded areas if you are totally committed to that lifestyle.

It’s hard to find jobs that pay in the country: there are tons of articles out there telling about the difficulties farmers need to face. While many people dream of organic farming, these businesses are often very risky and can lead to serious debt.

Tip 3:

Only move to the country if you have a job you can safely do from home (internet related jobs are great) this way you escape the money trap situations.

Cities have larger crime rates: this is logical. Where there are more people, crime will also be more prevalent.

Tip 4:

Stick with the safer and more protected areas and neighborhood.

Country life is much more dangerous when it comes to accidents and injuries. Cuts, falls, crashes with trucks or agricultural vehicles is the reality for many living in the countryside. And I don’t even get started about all the hunting and firearm related accidents which may accidentally occur as well.

Tip 5:

If you are not sure, don’t go for it. Hire a local to help you. And make sure you drive safe especially at night.

Fact: In the city you are much more prone to catch a disease. This is true. All the big waves of winter and springtime flu generally go through every single city residents. Tip: get vaccinated.

Country life is great but it’s not for everyone. My tip is to get a holiday home in the country but stick with the city.