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Types of mortgages

A mortgage allows homeowners to secure homes and pay at a later time as agreed upon prior to selling your home fast. It is the most convenient method of owning a home quickly. As a home buyer you must be informed on the types of mortgage loans. If you do not have any idea on the types of mortgages, then you are in the right place. Here are various mortgage types at your disposal. Once you know the types it will be easier to choose the appropriate one for your home loan.


The annuities mortgage is also known as payment mortgage. It is the common mortgage type. In this category of mortgage, your lender will calculate the amount you have to pay every month. The monthly repayment consists of capital repayment and interest payment. The interest will reduce with a reduction in the mortgage amount. Therefore, you will be in a better position to clear of your mortgage loan in no time. You do not have to worry about the amount piling up.

Fixed and adjustable rate

The first choice that is available to you is whether to choose fixed or adjustable rate. Fixed rate loan have interest that do not change for the entire period of the repayment term. It is suitable for long term, loans. The adjustable rate, on the other hand, has rates that change from time to time. Therefore, you can chose to get mortgage loans with a fixed rate or an adjustable rate. Research on the benefits of each and choose the most appropriate one.

Endowment mortgages

The endowment mortgage allows you to pay interest on the amount you have borrowed. You are also required to make your monthly payments into an endowment policy until the mortgage period comes to an end. The value of the policy depends on how the investment performs. In case the endowment policy is not enough to cover your mortgage, then you should increase the amount you contribute. The other option is to extend your mortgage term. In doing so, you can pay back the mortgage amount without any pressure.

Pension mortgage

You also have an option of taking a pension mortgage. However, you can only take such a mortgage if you have a personal pension plan. You will be required to make payments when you pay the personal pension policy. You are required to pay interest on the principal amount and make your monthly payments. The pension policy will help you to clear the mortgage when you retire. However, in case the policy is not enough to cover your mortgage, then you need to pay it off so that you are only left with a small amount to pay when you retire.

These are just some of the mortgage types at your disposal. You need to choose the appropriate one that will not give you a difficult time when you making the payments. In addition, make sure that you compare the interest offered by the lenders. You can settle for the mortgage loan that meets your demands.